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Termius for Teams


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Teams Plus

Based on your feedback, we’ve been putting together a powerful new feature set for teams.

Group Sharing & Synced Notes

Share a group of hosts among team members with a few taps.

Collectively maintain information about infrastructure with a single source of truth. Save your team members precious minutes wasted back and forth in Slack.

Quickly view and modify permissions

Explain a specific scenario where permissions come in handy and why this kind of functionality is simply not possible with other tools.

Public Key Management

Consolidate your team’s public keys into a single location and transfer them to different signed in devices with a single command.

2FA Management

Keeping track of which team members have set up 2FA can be a major pain point. 

Teams Plus makes it easy to monitor the team’s 2FA status.

Easily Add and Remove team members

Add and remove team members while preserving data and retaining control over permissions.

Consolidated Billing

Designate one account as a payer account, and consolidate all team member subscriptions into a single bill.

Data Ownership

With a single admin & billing account, there’s no ambiguity over data ownership.


Teams Plus


per user / per year
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