Free professional subscription for students

We believe that students should have access to the best tools out there. So if you are studying computer science, enjoy all of the Termius Pro features completely free!

Join the GitHub Student Developer Pack and link your account to unlock pro features!


Who can apply?

We provide our pro subscriptions via GitHub Student Developer Pack.

What will I get?

You will get all Termius Pro features, which include:

Secure Sync

Client-side encrypted using AES-256 and backed up in the cloud. Nobody except you has access to your data.


Navigate through remote and local filesystems. Delete, copy, transfer, rename, create files and folders, edit permissions, and so on.


Store frequently used shell scripts as snippets. They can be executed across SSH sessions or attached to a host as a startup script.

Host Chaining

Need to go though the jump host to get to the server? Just save it in the chain under Host details and the connection will go through it.

Agent Forwarding

Establish a connection through an intermediate server without copying keys or credentials manually.


Common and frequently used commands are suggested in real time.

Password Paste*

When in a terminal session, enter saved password with a tap.


Set up your SSH connection through HTTP or SOCKS proxy with ease.

Environment Variables

Configure environment variables in the Host Details.

Background sessions

When on iOS, instead of being killed by the system, connections will keep running in the background.

Touch ID / Face ID*

Use Face ID and Touch ID authentication to protect the data on your devices.

Tabs on mobile

Work with multiple sessions simultaneously. Terminal Tabs are fully adapted for touch screen and make work in the terminal even more effective.

Import from AWS, DO*

If you are on Android, you can fetch the AWS or Digital Ocean hosts into the app seemlessly.


Create and run Port Knocking Snippets with a few taps on Android.

Import of .ssh/config

Import and export your hosts configurations from ~/.ssh/config via our CLI tool.

* - available only on mobile devices

Need help getting started?

Get more information in documentation or contact support.

“Termius served my purpose well and was easy to understand. I like to show off my router and tonight, with family in a restaurant, I even used Termius!”

Steve Wozniak

co-founder of Apple INC, pioneer of personal computing