Beautiful SSH client for Mac

Free SSH and SFTP client for macOS that will make you more productive. Termius will save you up to 30 mins a day.


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SFTP Client

Easily access files on a remote machine

SFTP to the save servers to save time on managing files. You can open remote files with your preferred text editor and easily upload changes to the server.


Execute commands with lightning speed

Autocomplete suggests frequently used commands from history and file paths to save time and free your memory for more important things.

Easy SSH key management

Termius comes with a build-in SSH key generator that supports ED25519 and ECDSA. Termius also provides a native way to authenticate via FIDO2 or FaceID / TouchID.

FaceID / TouchID for SSH

Built-in SSH key generator

Easy key export to your servers

Native FIDO2 keys support

Port Forwarding Wizard

Configure tunnels exactly as you need

Termius helps you to configure port forwarding rules that suit your needs with an easy step-by-step wizard.

Terminal Sharing

Share your terminal session to solve issues together

Let others see what is going on in your terminal in real-time, as well as enter commands to troubleshoot issues together.

"Termius served my purpose well and was easy to understand. I like to show off my router and tonight, with family in a restaurant, I even used Termius."

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder of Apple

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