Termius is the #1 cross-platform terminal with built-in SSH and Telnet. It's a portable server management system that works for you in any situation.

Full Terminal emulation on all your devices

Run multiple concurrent terminal sessions on any device you own, with SSH, Telnet and Mosh.

Termius features a robust emulation environment with full Emacs, Vim and MC support. Special characters, colors and command line tools work exactly how you’d expect them to.

Use color themes to mitigate human error. Avoid embarrasing downtime by theming all production servers red and staging servers green.

The Command Line

Re-engineered for touch

With Termius, your phone and tablet are first class citizens.

Termius features intuitive touch shortcuts and an extended keyboard, developed especially for use in the command line.

Terminal Touch
Move your cursor and cycle through commands with swipe gestures.
External Keyboards
Bluetooth and Apple Smart Keyboards work exactly as you’d expect, with full shortcut support.
Full support for Copy and Paste on iOS and Android.
Double tap to Tab
Double tap the command line to tab, useful for autocompleting commands.
Tap to Hold
‘Hold down’ a key with a double tap to execute key combos.
Key Combinations
The Termius keyboard features dedicated buttons for common key combos.

When it comes to security, we sweat the details

Secure Sync AES-256

Hosts, Port Forwarding rules, Snippets and Keys (optional) can be synced across your Android, Desktop and iOS devices.

All data is client-side encrypted, with zero knowledge cloud storage and 2FA.

Face ID, Touch ID & Fingerprint Recognition

Add an additional layer of protection with Touch ID support on iOS, and Fingerprint support on Android devices.

It's the little things

Termius brings desktop class productivity features to every device you own. Time savers like autocomplete, quick connect, snippets and history save you seconds every session, minutes every day and hours every week.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Quick Connect
Connection History
Command History

Password Paste

Quickly execute multiple sudo commands without having to re-enter the session password every time.

Code Snippets

Put your most-used commands and scripts into snippets and run them on multiple targets with a few taps.


Organize, view and transfer files between servers. Export files to third-party apps to edit, and easily re-import.

Download Termius

Termius is available on any device you have at hand. Download the app for free on your platform and keep your data securely synced, effortlessly.