Termius is a portable server management system that works for you in any situation.



Sync hosts across every device - with  groups, tagging and search.


Multitask with Live Previews. Use themes to seperate Staging and Production.

The Command Line

Re-engineered for touch

Terminal Touch
Move your cursor and cycle through commands with swipe gestures.
External Keyboards
Bluetooth and Apple Smart Keyboards work exactly as you’d expect, with full shortcut support.
Full support for Copy and Paste on iOS and Android.
Double tap to Tab
Double tap the command line to tab, useful for autocompleting commands.
Tap to Hold
‘Hold down’ a key with a double tap to execute key combos.
Key Combinations
The Termius keyboard features dedicated buttons for common key combos.



Transfer, Copy, Delete, Download to Local Storage and Modify Permissions.

Snippets & Port Knocking


Save scripts and run them anywhere. Target multiple Hosts at the same time, with Live Previews.

Keychain & Security


Built-in keygen. Sync with zero-knowledge storage. Touch ID, Face ID & Android Fingerprint.

"Termius served my purpose well and was easy to understand. I like to show off my router and tonight, with family in a restaurant, I even used Termius!"
Steve Wozniak

Download Termius for free

Termius is available on any device you have at hand. Download the app for free on your platform of choice and keep your data securely synced, effortlessly.